On Bali, climate catastrophe

standing at the precipice
looking over, we sigh,

(these words spoken so many times before)

disappearance: ice
clean air

We are not doing enough. We stand at the edge of ice, the edge of prairie, the edge of forest.
We are watching as the storm comes to overwhelm us. We are not prepared.

I love this earth, the beauty and wildness of it. I don’t want to tame it. I want to grow things and watch them flourish. I want to marvel at the simplicity of a sparrow’s movements. I want to challenge myself to do better by this place that holds me and allows me to grow. I want us all to do better by this world. It is so beautiful and nourishing and we are ruining it. I don’t always know how to make things better, but I care deeply about the state of the world. I only wish our government’s representatives cared. I wish they could see beyond their own self interest. We need to shake them out of their stupors. And while we’re at it, we should shake ourselves out of complacency.


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