August Poetry Postcard Fest

I am participating in a mail-poetry project this month, and thought I would share some of the little poems I am sending away. Some of the poems refer to images on the cards, so at the bottom of the poem, I have included a note about what was on the front of the card. I have written to the first 9 people, even though it’s not yet August 9th to allow for international deliveries.

Happy August!
love, Cathleen

August 1:

Dear Susan–

And then, looking backward–
the swallow circled
and dipped–
intrusion of memory;
a desire for connection–
What would you have said
if I had told you?
how you would have laughed–

(image: a ruin in Rome)

August 2:

Dear DD–

Every time I look away,
a new detail emerges–
my vision transformed
by solitude–
come now, then

(image: Walking on Eggshells by Sandy Skoglund)

August 3:

Dear Michelle–

The way language leaves you–
the way a bell can clear the air–
we were at the window
talking–the heaviness
of the air, of philosophy–
we, now silent–

(image: church bells outside a window)

August 4:

Dear Amanda–

the shifting quality of light–
today, an eclipse
maybe you have seen it?
sky becoming the color
of clouds–

(front: Jean Cocteau quote)

August 5:

Dear Gregory–

Today, dreaming of snow,
cold chilling bones–
the paths of mountains,
hum of crystals landing
one atop another–
the shape of breath
circles–and we sing–

(image: Untitled (Jesus and I) by Larry Johnson)

August 6:

Dear Susan–

Intricate petals on tomato
blossoms–butterfly slowly
moving its wings (open/
close)–sudden rain
on skin–sun baking
the soil dry–

(image: ornamental kale)

August 7:

Dear Bethany–

What intangible costs,
what lives destroyed–
by this, our greed,
our fear–

the electric aggression in
the air when a man walks by
and says “I could/should have shot

(image: poster “War IS Terror”)

August 8:

Dear Robert–

the ways we
fall apart (or) fall together–
moments of unravelling
(when) our breath sighs
out of us–
walls permeable,
hearts softened–

(image: house falling in)

August 9:

Dear Nancy–

Just now–a seed drops from
the sky onto my plate–
I wonder what is planted
here, what fertile ground
I will become when I eat it–
flowers or vines sprouting
from my intestines, reaching
toward light–

(image: Josephine Baker taking a bath)


2 thoughts on “August Poetry Postcard Fest

  1. Hi, Cathleen,Thanks for your lovely postcard/poem (“Intricate petals…”). This project is such fun!Best,Susan

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