More August Poems

Here are the next few poems I’ve sent away:

August 10:

Dear Mary–

A day of decisions
and indecision–drinking in
the overwhelming sky–
cool morning, perfect shining
green surrounds–
plucking away the unnecessary
that crowds the roots
of knowing–

(image: hand printed postcard–woman with flowers)

August 11:

Dear Laura–

Thursday night, the orange
and purple sky filled
my eyes with tears, my
heart with longing–
these dark moments of
hold us

(image: pig shaped food stand)

August 12:

Dear Emma–

This morning, clouds breaking,
unrest in Georgia, blueberry
muffin and coffee, scientists
“debating” global warming,
a forlorn-looking polar
bear, cats yawning, tomatoes
bursting ripeness, dreams
of cooking–

(image: woman with fogged glasses)


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