Poems for meditators, part two

Dear Liesbet,

How we find                                 or make

meaning    —    how we fill

or fulfill —

what cost or what

loss,      how the heart

expands and contracts

when we say   “yes”  or   “no”  —

filter the residue,

magnify the results


Dear Marino,

How do we doubt




How do we doubt

“thank you”    and

I hold your pain       for

one small moment—

A smile in the street

when you are momentarily seen—

a flash of joy


Dear Nilufer,

Suddenly, the known quantity

becomes new  —  a flash of

awareness  —  space in

the heart-field of belonging

to life,                   to open joy—

the impact of the sunset is

earth-shattering, a leaf on the

ground                        transformational—


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