Poetry and meditation, part three

I have been slow to send these out, but here are the latest group:

Dear Diane,

Sometimes we stay through

uncertainty, our bodies breaking

open, hearts afraid–

Sometimes we find the right

questions, satisfying


Sometimes, we just sit,

full of heat and sadness,

fear pushing against walls–


Dear Randy,

The quick flap of wings,

bodies linked in space,

softens my edges, reminds

me that we, too, fly together–

our interconnection

necessary as the air we breathe–

division born of fear creates

illusion of separation, yet your

breath and mind are inseparable–


Dear Aaren,

That morning, the moon

left me breathless — hanging

low, framed by trees

the disk of its fullness

hooked my heart, pulled

it wide open–

these moments, we are

all connected, all whole–


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