Poetry and meditation, 4

Only 4 more cards to go.  Here are the penultimate poems:

Dear Peter,

Sometimes, we must walk

along a dark path to find light–

sometimes, solitude fills

the gaps,       requires that we empty before

we fill–

we expand and contract,

sing or wail,

find ways to be peaceful

in struggle–we are brave

and strong     together     and     apart–


Dear Jacqui,

The light pierces through the

rigid rib cage, the protected

sinews and muscles that pump

blood through my body–

I am warmed, full, brave–

the world glistens, my

cells the same as the bark

of that tree, this bird,

that ant–


Dear Susan,

Each subtle opening–   when we

notice connection–      transforms

our vision, our subtle bodies–

we are moving closer to each

other   —   to our fullest


with each breath, we move

closer to joy—


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