Poems for meditators, final installment

Dear Sarah,

Cells of my sky and lungs

I breathe in self and other,

division, duality,        and I breathe

out the union, reunion with

all-spirit — rays of light

mingle with exhalation–

we, as one, sigh our greeting

of recognition, inspiring a smile

and a soft, broken heart–


Dear Andrea,

Our hearts, like tea leaves,

open slowly, unfurl over time,

while continued steeping in

the circumstances of present

and past–

we learn to weather

scorching heat, bright,

blinding moments that sear

our skin–


Dear Steve,

Each time we step toward

the unknown, we exercise

our choice to be fearless–

Each time we open our

vulnerability to the scrutiny

of others, we are choosing

bravery over fear–

Each choice is inspiration–


Dear Mike,

This future we create together

is all there in one crystalline

snowflake  —  the uniqueness

of each breath and each

intention holds the weight

of all the tomorrows–

as we hold this vision of unity,

we remember that we are all

connected by the chain of each action–


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