Work in it

I have really been enjoying the practice of writing a few lines scattered throughout my day.  It has enlivened my sense of productivity, both in poetry and work, I think.

Here are a few of my working-girl poems:

Arranged by volumes

.                    of water                  ways                      through

tension                accentuated          by          sunlight

.         Inclement     anticipation

all     salt   raked      and      tender

.                  heart    full    of    longing


Congestion of thought and expectation,

.       longing, desire, confusion —

we collect moments,        represent them

as volumes          of letters                       compiled

.         with a notion of tomorrowness–


Re  –  view    your    expected   outcomes

look wisely at

.                time     strength    development

This sleek design      desired

look with clear vision

what unfolds before you will surprise

.         even the most patient visitor

Now, deeply in conversation

.                        or conversion from —


Shut out the din of door-slamming silence

.    follow the index to the next site of aversion

the swift clicking in the adjacent stall

provides distraction and pause     hum     beep

we shift focus,   ease into our yesterdays

and tomorrows  —   the slide of your barometer

calls for rain showers.


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