Awaiting the Return of Spring

Through the snow, the slush, and the grey skies, our bodies are attuning to the flowing sap, the mud softening under our feet, and the flashy promise of spring’s return.  It’s hard to see through the 5 foot snow banks, ground blanketed in soft, white snow, but it’s there, calling.  The robins feel it, the geese feel it, and I can feel it in my skin as I notice the sun higher in the day and more westerly at sunset.  It’s all bubbling there under the surface and we are getting impatient with the pelting ice and blowing rain.  Come on, already!

DSC01035  DSC01041

The full moon earlier in the week showed me that I had to wait for the skies to clear, that I need not be so impatient.


And so, I waited and watched and realized that no matter how much I wanted to drink the sap from the maple tree outside, I would need to wait a few days so that my bucket would not be full of snow and rain.

The first sure sign of spring arrived today, though.  I opened a glorious box from Fedco to find my garden waiting.

DSC01051    DSC01052

The names tell stories of the garden to come–Sugar Ann Snap Peas, Cajun Jewel Okra, Champion Collards, Scarlet Runner Beans, Shintokiwa Cucumber, Peacevine Cherry Tomato, Resina Calendula, and so many more.  The poetry of these flowery descriptors never fails.  Now, for the mapping, the seed starting, and the memory of stretching my body against the warm earth soaking up the sun, the sweet buzz of pollinators, and the joy of growth all around.


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