Announcing: Walk Your Edge–A Six-Month Journey of Earth Connection

2014-07-20 08.06.08One Saturday per month * May – October 2015
(May 2, June 20, July 18, August 1, September 12, October 31)
10am-6pm meeting in Portland ME
fee $600 : sliding scale work-trade & time dollars are options; payment plan available

Many of us have been working for years to make big changes in our hearts and minds and in the larger society. As our society’s systems of racism, misogyny, homo-trans- and xenophobia and the destruction of our home the Earth are exposed and visible to us all of the time, it may feel like our work is simply too big. We may feel that we cannot make a difference, or we may find ourselves filled with rage and fear. Whatever our reactions to these difficult times, it is clear that we need to tap into the larger support system that exists in the universe.

By calling on the Earth herself, our spirit guides and ancestors, and the plants who live on the planet with us, we can find a deep healing force that will sustain us and connect us as we open our hearts to heal the big wounds that keep us separate. We will explore a variety of practices to tap into these sources of support and build trust in our own deepest knowing, including mindfulness and awareness practice, contemplative nature walks, connecting to earth energy and seasonal rhythms, working with helping spirits, making plant medicines and listening to plants. The circle we build over the course of this six month journey will support our individual evolution and offer inspiration for our collective healing. We cannot do this work alone, and we are so very lucky to have so much energy in the universe to support us.

For more information or to save a spot, fill out the form below:


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