Celebrating Spring

2015-03-01 15.00.23While it may seem like spring will never come for those of us buried this winter under 6+ feet of snow, the earth is doing what it always does this time of year–it is thawing. The maple sap has started to flow; the birds are chattering in the bright sun of the morning; the squirrels are patrolling the snowbanks and scramble with their fellows across the high drifts. Today, the temperatures got up into the high thirties, melting the sidewalks and creating rivulets into the streets.

To celebrate the return of spring, I have decided to highlight the delicate work of the flowers as we thaw and flow from our old forms into our new springtime selves. I am excited to offer reduced-rate flower essence consultations for the entire month of March. Book a session with me this month and for $40, you will have 45 minutes to 1 hour to talk about what you want to shift as we move into spring. After we talk, I will make a custom flower essence blend for you that will help you to change patterns in body/mind/spirit. The blend will last for about a month if you take it daily.

What is a flower essence, you ask?

2014-04-28 13.06.42A flower essence is the vibrational essence of a flower–the energetic imprint of the flower on spring water. That water is the “mother” essence, which is then diluted in a homeopathic dosage to a stock essence. The vibration of flowers can help us to make big shifts in our hearts, minds and spirits. They can help to connect us with the earth, allow us to speak more freely, be braver, look at our shadow selves, and bring awareness to our communication styles (among many other things). They are powerful medicine in a gentle container.

Typically, when I make a flower essence, I spend time with the plant, asking permission to harvest the flowers for the making of an essence. I respect the communications I receive from the plants and if I am told that it is not the time, then I put my desire to make medicine aside and offer my gratitude to the plant. I believe that the spirit with which medicine is made greatly impacts the quality of the medicine. I make all of my plant medicines with a spirit of love and respect, knowing that the gift of the plants is not mine to take, but only to share. I harvest only what I need, with consciousness about what the bees need to survive, and what nourishes all of the other creatures in the ecosystem.

I feel so lucky to share flower essences with interested people. Sitting with the plants has taught me more than anything else I have ever learned in a classroom. I have learned to move into my heart and out of my analytical mind when it comes to using plant medicines. There is much more than constituents to the power of the plants–their spirits have nourished us for millennia. May our bond remain strong, and may we learn to hear their voices more fully.

If you feel moved to schedule a flower essence consultation, contact me at deliciousginger @ gmail.com to set up a time, or read about my consultation style on my consultations page, where you can send a request for a consultation.


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