Ever since childhood, I’ve been a creature of the land. As an adolescent, I found myself feeling isolated in the middle of the woods with no one my age/my mindset to talk with. In the midst of despair, I would wander into the woods and sit for hours drawing, dreaming, listening and connecting with the trees and other beings. Even though I had no words for what was happening, I was communicating with nature in profound ways that would shape me for the rest of my life.

I moved away from my childhood homeland and traveled around the country, settling in cities and other densely populated areas. I longed for connection and places to get my hands in the dirt. After many years of searching, I began to find myself again in community gardens in the city, where I was able to again feel the wonder of watching a seed sprout into an amazing flower throughout the season. I got to know my neighbors and I found great joy in watching the clouds in the sky. Nature–the great Earth Mother–has been my constant in crafting a sane existence.

I am even more available to give back to the world after beginning a meditation practice that has taught me to keep my heart open even when I most want to shut down. I am grateful for my yoga teachers, my meditation instructors, and my many spirit guides in life who have helped me to manifest in the form that will serve the greater good.

I envision a life where we each see our own inherent goodness; where we smile at each other because we know that we share the same joys and suffering; where we recognize in all of our actions that we are connected to every other thing in the universe; where our hearts can be blown open by the beauty of a snowflake or a crow flying across the horizon; where we will fight for each others’ humanity and for the Earth. I envision a world where we are connected by threads of light and love–where we stand up for what we believe in without fear or second thoughts.

Everything I offer is from this deep desire to truly change the world. I wish you love, light and joy as you find your fullness and perfection!
Thank you for reading my words, and for reaching out if you feel so moved.
with love, Cathleen


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Cathleen,

    You *are* the Cathleen that was my great friend back at UNT McNair days?? It’s so wonderful to find your words here. How have you been? It would be great to get back in touch. Let me know if you ever travel back to Texas. I’ve been teaching at Texas Tech for the past four years but am now going to join the UNT Dept of English, of all places!



    • Priscilla,

      Dr. Ybarra!! Wow, Fantastic to hear from you! I was strangely enough just talking about the McNair program last night…
      I have only been updating my blog sporadically lately because I have been in the process of job hunting/interviewing/relocating. I will be moving to Portland, Maine next week to take a job at the University of New England as curator of the Maine Women Writers Collection. It is exciting and scary.

      I would love to be back in touch with you. I was looking at your bio on your website, and I want to read all of your writing. Your work sounds amazing, relevant, stirring. Yes, please email me at deliciousginger at gmail dot com. Would love to know what is going on in your life and to tell you more about what I’ve been up to in the past decade or so.

      Thank you for getting in touch, and congratulations on all of your great accomplishments!

    • I am the same Cathleen who processed the Chew Papers. I don’t work at HSP any longer, but I might be able to answer some questions. Otherwise, I can direct you to contact people at HSP.

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