Herbal teas

In addition to the blends below, you can also custom order blends to suit your own needs and tastes.  Just let me know what you are looking for and I can put something together for you. Teas range from $3-$5 per ounce. Send me an email at deliciousginger [at] gmail [dot] com to order teas by the ounce.

Herbal Tea Blends
(all ingredients are organic or ethically wildcrafted)

Anxietea: chamomile, linden leaf & flower, oatstraw, rose hips, passionflower
Helpful for calming the mind and spirit in times of stress.

Aphroditea: damiana leaf, raspberry leaf, rose petals, hibiscus, cinnamon
Make a pot of this for your lover. Enjoy the sensual experience of stirring a bit of honey into your brew.  A tea for bedtime.

Awakened Heart: calendula flowers, oat tops, raspberry leaf, sage, elderberries, schisandra berries, lemon peel
Uplifting for the body and the spirit.  Great for dreary days when you need a bit of sunshine in your cup.

Balance: rose petals, nettle leaf, ginger root
Easy drinking, nourishing, balancing.

Chaga Chai: chaga, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, ginger, astragalus root
A spicy, immune-building blend for those cold winter days. Great served with warm milk (of any variety) and honey.

Cold & Flu: cleavers, yarrow, elder berries, elder flowers, thyme, rose hips
Helpful in preventing colds and flu, as well as shortening the duration of illness.

Cool It!: calendula, rose, nettle, dandelion leaf, meadowsweet, ginger
Helps to cool inflammation and nourish the body deeply.

Digest Better: catnip, lemon balm, meadowsweet, fennel seeds, ginger
Relaxes chronic tension held in the gut, allowing for improved digestion. Helps to expel gas and soothe the stomach
after a heavy meal.

Evening Repose: chamomile, skullcap, lavender, lemon balm
Ease into a good night’s sleep with this calming cup.  Relax, slow down.

Gentle Winter Lift: lemon balm, saint john‘s wort, sacred basil
A great blend for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Uplifts the spirits and reminds us of the light.

Heart’s Delight: peppermint, nettle leaf, lemon balm, red clover, rose
Nourishes the body with mineral-rich herbs and soothes the heart and spirit. It both enlivens and calms with a balancing tonic effect on body and mind.

Lady’s Little Helper: oatstraw, raspberry leaf, nettle leaf, lady’s mantle, linden leaf & flower, lemon balm, rose, cinnamon
Supports the reproductive system, especially during menstruation.  Helps ease mood swings and cramps; calms the nervous system.

Nourish the Nerves: lemon balm, rose, sacred basil, oatstraw, hawthorn leaf & flowers
Great tonic for chronic stress sufferers. Helps to lower cortisol levels. Sacred basil helps to even out the nervous system, while oatstraw offers food for the nerves. Rose, hawthorn and lemon balm uplift the heart and soothe the spirit.

Relax Already!: chamomile, linden leaf & flower, catnip, passionflower
Is your brain keeping you wound so tightly that you can’t let go? Do you over-think everything? Are you craving a deep exhale? This blend is for you.
Relaxing without putting you to sleep, this tea will help you to have an ease-full day and night.

Respiratory Tonic: mullein leaf, marshmallow root, licorice, eyebright, elder berries, elder flowers, peppermint, ginger
Soothing to the respiratory tract, with herbs to support both upper and lower respiratory function. Breathe easy, whether you struggle with seasonal allergies or chronic bronchitis.

Spring Tonic: red clover blossoms, raspberry leaf, calendula, cleavers, dandelion root, elder flowers, hibiscus
Nourishing, helps to cleanse the system after a long winter of heavy foods and less activity; eases the transition between winter and spring.

Stress Less: oatstraw, linden leaf & flower, rose, skullcap, sacred basil
A soothing tonic for those leading stressful, busy lives. This tea will feed the nervous system and offer relief from chronic stress. A sweet balm in stormy days of doing too much.

Sweet Sleep: passionflower, skullcap, lavender, lemon balm, rose
Does your brain keep you up at night running around in circles? Is your body tense and unsettled? This blend will help to ease you into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Winter Cheer Tonic: oat tops, calendula, sarsaparilla root, cinnamon, rose hips, ginger, cardamom
Spicy, nourishing blend to help ease through those snowy winter afternoons.

I love making new blends.  If there is something you’re seeking, just let me know. I might have just the thing for you.
Be well!

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