Water Dragon

1.23.12 Your water dragon .           has delivered   its liquid haul,     fluid and warm against a stark white set– the dusky cemetery .                  a perfect backdrop, shrouded .                  in mist–

State of the water

After last night’s state of the union speech, I was pulled to compose this piece. Thanks, Mr. President. ___________________________________________________________________ 1.24.12 Our waters are strong our shores ready for jobs we pledge to open our waters for more drilling, .     more spoilage, .     more fire, .     more chemical dumping– we pledge to make Sunoco and Exxon,…


I have been a bit behind in posting.  I hope you have had a good week! Here are the newest water poems: 1.17.12 Each day, my twitter feed lists dramatic weather, pleas for snow, concern about our lack of winter. Each day, I look out the window to analyse cloud formations. Each day, the sky…

Another day

1.16.12 water, kettle on, hot water, tea soak beans, mix yeast and water, wait wash hands, rinse dishes tea, shower, flush toilet, wash hands fill kettle, wash dishes clean counter, wash sink, fill sink soak mushroom bag, water dripping, drain sink heat kettle, make tea, drink water mist rosemary,  boil beans drink water, heat kettle,…

Low tide

1.15.12 Sea gulls huddle on icy shores during low tide, pearls in the sandy flats—- ice rafts float at high tide, the bay frozen at the edges in today’s single digits—- we sing songs to water and ask for forgiveness—-

Brilliant pool

1.14.12 Sun glints across convergence of snow and rain, ice coating head stones, creating brilliant pools of light.  “I will wake the dead with my walking,” she said. Crust skitters across smooth dips, traveling from her feet.

Birthday ice

1.13.12 parking ban ice covered snow walk up hill water pools ice rink small city wind abates down hill moon shining clear dark snow glitter perfect sledding